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Are you a driven software developer who wants to be a part of growing Typeshare to millions of online writers? Then read on...

What we do

At the highest level, we exist to make it possible for anyone to start writing online.

Typeshare gives writers all the tools they need to go from idea to published in minutes, not days. We provide writers with:

  • Templates so they never stare at a blank page again.

  • Native publishing to Twitter, Medium, and LinkedIn.

  • A Social Blog - a home for all your writing.

  • Analytics to track it all.

But perhaps more important than our features is our opinions on Digital Writing - a new category of writing that we are building.

Digital Writing is the methodology engrained in every Typeshare feature. Here are some key pillars of Digital Writing:

  1. The best writers use templates - from tweets, to entire books.

  2. Be data-driven. Don't spend weeks writing a long piece that hasn't first been tested. Use analytics to find your best posts and build on them.

  3. Don't start a blog, write on social platforms. Most beginner writers think starting a blog is the first step. But, as a beginner you need to get your writing in front of as many eyes as possible. A blog just doesn't do that, social platforms are built for that.

These pillars drive how we think about every feature inside of Typeshare. If this gets you excited, you'd be a good fit at Typeshare!

About the role

We’re looking for an indie-hacker-hustler product engineer to join our team as Typeshare begins to scale.

As a product engineer, you will be working directly on coding Typeshare. You'll be instrumental in building product features, fixing bugs, and relentlessly improving every part of Typeshare, while taking extreme ownership of your work.

Our tech stack is:

  • Frontend: React (Next.js) and TailwindCSS.

  • Backend: Next.js APIs, Firebase Cloud Functions, and Firebase Auth + Database.

  • Other: Vercel (hosting), Tiptap (text editor)

We are looking for someone with strong technical ability and a drive to create something meaningful in a small team.


  • Several years of development experience with React.

  • And/or a self-made software project you can show proving competence.

  • Available for 100% remote work during EST workday.

Outcomes and responsibilities

As a developer, you will have 3 core responsibilities:

  1. Work with the product team to code new features and improve existing ones.

  2. Ship high-quality, bug free software.

  3. Take extreme ownership of your work and help shape Typeshare's product.

About you

  1. You have a taste for great software.

  2. You care deeply about the details and how things are made.

  3. You care about your craft and have a drive to become the best.

  4. You are able to take extreme ownership and see things through to completion.

  5. You want to be challenged with deeply satisfying work.

  6. You want to make a real impact.

Working at Typeshare, you'll have an incredible opportunity to make a real impact in a small team. We are growing quickly and if you want to build the best product for online writers, Typeshare is the place to be.

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