Cape Town, ZA
Work/life balance
Delight customers
Be your authentic self
Mission driven
Meaningful work

What is your team mission?

An impactful conversation at a key moment can change a life.
Turn’s purpose is to scale empathy, by making effective human support accessible to vulnerable people everywhere.

What values does your team share?

Do what is human: be kind, helpful, trustworthy, present and honest.

Do what is effective: think big; get there in small steps. Prioritise action over perfection, and better over right. Make time to get feedback, reflect and realign.

Do what puts the chat for impact community first: prioritise the collective need over the individual. We can only have impact through our community, so collaborate, listen and respond to what our community needs

Do what is scalable: we’re for small teams doing big things. Do what can be amplified, built on, shared, repeated, and reused

How does your team promote personal well-being?

Being remote and asynchronous by default, we value "making" time and keep meetings to a minimum.

We also have Calm Fridays — with 0 meetings across the board, and folks can use the afternoon to do what brings them joy.