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Henri Liriani
Henri Liriani
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About the role

Tome is building across a broad surface area, ranging from types of content you can use to express your work, to ways to collaborate with your team. Despite the breadth, there’s a need to execute rigorously, with great depth and attention to detail in each area to build a world-class product. To scale that, the team is looking to hire a Product Designer to drive the team’s most important and complex projects.

We’re looking for a Product Designer to explore and evolve the core product, enable storytelling through new types of content, and ensure a magical experience for people on the other end of creation in Tome.

Who you are

  • You have 4+ years of experience conceptualizing, designing, prototyping, and shipping products with engineers.

  • You think deeply about how to build something you want to bring to reality, not just how it should look. At Tome, Design and Engineering work incredibly closely together.

  • You enjoy diving deep into design systems and prototyping of some kind. Stories in Tome often come to life via motion or interaction.

  • You get excited thinking about ways to give people powerful tools to tell visually impactful and effective stories.

What you'll do

  • Illustrate future states of the product with greater potential for expressing ideas.

  • Regularly hear from and talk to users to understand and solve for their needs as they use the product.

  • Constantly identify and push improvements to the product (even small details)

  • Design, prototype, and document the behavior for the product you work on

  • Work closely with engineers and other partners to ship a product you're proud of

  • Help with hiring, mentoring, and creating a design culture within the company