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Threads is a Slack replacement designed for makers.

It's built to provide a simple, focused canvas for sharing your work and getting rich feedback in return. Learn more at and sign up today for early access. ✨

What are your team rituals?

Every week, we design (and release) custom voxel avatars for use within the Threads product. Since most of us work remotely, we have found that it is useful to present ourselves through our avatars in ways that are congruent to how we're feeling. They're a means of self expression, and to date there has been no workplace product that had the means and ambition to support a wide and diverse array of personalities.

Share an interesting side project from a team member

The Threads brand is built on the simple arrangement of 7 squares. Our logo's simplicity, designed by Mackey Saturday, has been expanded to a world of voxel (volumetric pixel) characters and a glossy, iridescent, fabric that envelops the app iconography.