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Introduce us to your team

We exist to accelerate Web3 by equipping the next generation of creators and entrepreneurs with the tools to build Web3 products, games and experiences.

We've built an intuitive platform which allows you to build and launch Web3 projects in a matter of clicks.

Our founders, Steven Bartlett and Furqan Rydhan have track records of building successful businesses which have experienced explosive growth and redefined industries. Who are you? 👩👨‍🦰

What is your team mission?

We’re empowering builders to create a new generation of the internet.

Cool. So, what does that mean?

We make building in web3 incredibly easy. Our tools help everyone from developers to creators build the web3 apps and features of the future.

Y’know, no one knows what exactly the future of web3 will look like, but what we do know is that it will have a transformative impact on our world. That’s why we’re focused on unleashing the many promises of web3 to a whole generation of builders. Because when builders have the right tools at their fingertips—magic happens.

We started thirdweb in the second half of 2021 and our community of builders has exploded ever since. Over 1M unique wallets have interacted with our contracts on mainnet, deploying tens of thousands of projects to the same. It’s been a hell of a journey so far, and the momentum is only increasing.

We’re looking to grow our team to help us become the default platform of choice for anyone who wants to build web3 apps and services.

How does your team maintain a high bar for quality?

thirdweb employees are guided by five values that underpin how we show up everyday.

Our Unwavering Conviction drives us to keep building—regardless of what’s happening in the markets. Because we believe that the future of web3 is everyone’s to create.

We are Dreamers-Who-Do. While we love to spend time imagining the possibilities we always favor taking action above all else.

Each of us are Students of Web3. Whether you have 10 days of experience in web3 or 10 years, no one’s got it all figured out. We grow together.

We Think Big, then iterate our way forward. This isn’t about features, this is about freedom. How can we fully empower web3 builders to create a new world?

We’re customer-obsessed and we’re Deep Listeners because of it. Our product development is heavily guided by our community so we cherish feedback from all of our users.