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Emilio Bustos
Emilio Bustos
CFO/Data Analyst

About us is a software development non-profit with a focus on non-profit organizations, committed to driving effective technological adaptation.

Vision: "Our vision is to improve the impact and efficiency of non-profit organizations through personalized and adaptive technological solutions that simplify and optimize their operations."

Mission: "Our mission is to provide innovative and personalized technological solutions that enable non-profit organizations to work more efficiently and focus on their mission to achieve their goals and maximize their impact on society."


  1. Commitment to excellence in service and customer care.

  2. Innovation and creativity to offer quality technological solutions.

  3. Empathy and sensitivity towards the needs of our customers and their respective communities.

  4. Sustainability and environmental care in all our operations.

If you would like to learn more about our non-profit and how you can help support the causes we stand for, please do not hesitate to contact us.