The Workshop

The Workshop

Embrace challenges
Elevate one another
Bring good vibes
Check your ego
Work/life balance

Introduce us to your team

Jason Briscoe
Seth Rowden
Gleren Meneghin
George Owens
Daniel Schrempf

We create brand and digital products for early to mid-stage ventures. We use a combination of language, design and technology to launch insanely great products. Together we bring full-time commitment without long-term overhead, a self-directed team without ego and a serious approach that’s seriously fun.

We’re making our name by helping you make yours.

What is your team mission?

Think of us as your digital product team for hire.

We create the invisible things people feel through to the visuals that engage us.

We (1) support exceptional founders and ideas (2) provide an essential team with no weak links (3) deliver impact through language, design and technology (4) bring a clear understanding of how to launch and scale, together.

What is the master plan?

We partner with visionary founders and design-led capital on the ideas that shape our collective future.

We’re informal and act like a part of your team, because we are. There are no big reveals or inefficient processes – just incredible work that moves you forward at an incredible pace.

By focusing on only a few projects per year, we are able to deliver those with unwavering commitment. We work in weekly sprints from zero-to-product, often through a combination of studio fees and equity.

What values does your team share?

Relationships — the greatest variable to our success and what makes our work exceptionally good.

We’re creative entrepreneurs who search for our commercial counterparts.

We partner early when the vision is huge, the opportunities wide open, and the canvas is undefined.

We move at pace with energy and autonomy – building with you, combining your ideas with our instincts.

There’s zero showmanship and corporate formality. We share our lives and interests and form true working friendships that last longer than any project.

Together we arrive at a destination none of us could have reached alone.

How do we contact you?

If you're ready to build together, please get in touch.

Zero added sugar.
Let's have some fun.