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Embrace challenges

What is your team mission?

We believe in future a where everyone has freedom, via true agency over their interactions and finances. Blockchain is an enabling technology for this, and we believe Polkadot’s architecture of interconnected and interoperable blockchains is best poised to enable this future. The crypto wallet is key to this freedom, as well as the primary UI to the wider world of DeFi, NFTs, gaming, community and more.

Today, every blockchain is moving towards a multi-chain world, and with our Polkadot DNA, we have been tackling the UI challenges of multi-chain multi-asset portfolio management head on since our inception in 2021. Of course, we support the main Ethereum chains also, from mainnet to Arbitrum, Polygon, and beyond, but our strength lies in how we wrangle multi-chain complexity via UX design and think with a user-first mindset.

What are your team rituals?

We have a killer offsite every year where we get together in person. Last year we got together for Polkadot Decoded in Berlin, and this year we're on the sunny beaches of Phuket.

Otherwise we get together weekly (virtually) for a "Retro & Chill" gathering to go over the week. We have regular sessions where we invite the wider community of Talisman users/supporters to join and listen in on how things are going.

What does your team's product development process look like?

We use ShapeUp, which was pioneered by Basecamp. It's somewhat agile-like, but involves the whole team, from engineers to product people to non-technical community members, in figuring how to improve the product for the next cycle of development.