Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Full time
Employee equity
Competitive salary
Healthcare benefits
Kiran Cherukuri

We're hiring a senior machine learning engineer to work on Sup, our flagship app. You'll work directly with me and our engineering team, leading machine learning efforts to build advanced recommendation systems our app. We're a very tight-knit, product-focused team, and you'll have a high degree of autonomy and responsibility in shipping key parts of our app.

You'd be a great fit if you have:

  • 4+ years of experience building production-grade recommendation engines

  • Advanced proficiency in Python, including frameworks like Surprise & PyTorch

  • Experience with transformers & fine-tuning language models (specifically working with embeddings)

  • Practical knowledge of concepts such as collaborative & content-based filtering

  • Familiarity with training, inference, and evaluation of models

  • An obsession with nailing the details, iterating & learning rapidly, and working hard

Bonus points if you:

  • Love experimenting with new consumer apps, and are excited about building advanced social & information networks

  • Are an active OS contributor on Hugging Face

  • Know how to get the best out of chatGPT to boost individual & team productivity

  • Have a demonstrated record of tinkering with and building with tools like the OpenAI API suite, LangChain, etc.

If this sounds like you, send us a message with a short blurb about why you'd be a great addition to our team, along with a link to your GitHub, Hugging Face profile, or portfolio.