New York City, US
Mission driven
Delight customers
Meaningful work
Put the user first
Move fast, break things
Focus on impact

Introduce us to your team

We're a tight-knit, product-focused team based in the DUMBO neighborhood of New York. We believe that small, elite, autonomous teams are capable of building extraordinary products when aligned on a common goal. Every person on our team is responsible for doing one thing, we avoid time-sinking activities (like meetings) at all costs, and everyone ships product. Above all, we're laser-focused on working together to build products that we love using every single day.

What is your team mission?

Our mission is to create the best public messaging system on the internet.

What is the product you’re building?

Sup is the best way to share what's up right now. We're building a public messaging platform from first-principles, focused on quality, ephemerality, and discovery.

What problem are you solving?

Most public messaging apps that we use today were originally designed decades ago. If you zoom out, it’s crazy to think that pieces of random information are just aggregated into this infinite feed that we scroll endlessly. It’s like you’re looking at a million conversations happening all at once, and it’s a suboptimal way to create and consume information.

Today, the way we think about creation, distribution, discovery, and networking is radically different. And existing networks aren't serving our needs. Why should every post I create last forever? Why should content be unlimited? Why should I have to scroll through hundreds of posts to find what information is valuable? Why should I have to explicitly define my social graph to discover great content? Why do all networks end up feeling the same?

At Sup, we think deeply about these questions, and are building a new, better type of public messaging product that rethinks information networks from the ground up. We're focused on information quality, ephemerality, and fluid networking with the goals of creating not just a new type of social experience, but a better one.

If you're obsessed about creating exponential improvements in the way we design and build social information networks, we hope you'll join us.

What does your stack look like?

We build our flagship app for iOS 📱 using domain-specific languages and frameworks such as:

  • Swift: SwiftUI + UIKit, Combine

  • Python: Surprise, PyTorch, NumPy, Scikit

  • Typescript, Hono, Zod

  • Postgres, Docker, GCP, Vercel, Terraform