Spartan Labs

Spartan Labs

Onsite or remote
Singapore, SGShanghai, CNHong Kong, HKDallas, USAmsterdam, NL
Elevate one another
Challenging the status-quo
Ship early and often
Bring good vibes
Focus on impact
Always be learning

Introduce us to your team

We're a core team of Web3-native designers, product leaders, business architects, engineers, and growth hackers.

Our HQ is in Singapore but we have team members from all over the world: Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dallas, Amsterdam, London...

Adrian Lai
Adrian Lai
CCO (Studio Head)
Jim Duivenvoorden
Jim Duivenvoorden
Community Manager
Product Manager
Arjun Guru
Arjun Guru
Product Manager
Jim Sexton
Jim Sexton
Software Engineer

What is your team mission?

Spartan Labs is the Venture Studio arm of The Spartan Group. We co-found ventures at the intersection of Consumer Crypto & The Ownership Economy.

What values does your team share?

We contribute meaningfully to strategize, guide and co-build Web3 products emphasizing:

Collaboration and Community
over Technology and Tools

Value Creation over Value Capture

Connecting the Dots over Building in Silo

Unleashing Human Potential over Maximizing Capital Gains

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

What type of music does your team listen to?

Our team's music nerds unite on a bi-weekly basis to create the Labs' theme music with our playlist series. A selection of world beats to write code and relax to.

Where can we learn more about your team?

Follow us on Twitter (@TheSpartanLabs), where we share ideas, tips, and resources for Web3 Buidlers.

Or visit our website: