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What is the product you’re building?

We're on a mission to build end-to-end encrypted collaboration tools for teams. We call ourselves the workspace layer of web3 and privacy. Backed by Sequoia Capital and angel investors like John Lilly (former CEO of Mozilla) and Balaji Srinivasan (former CTO of Coinbase), we're building a tech stack and interface that focuses on decentralization and the safety of our users' data .

Introduce us to your team

We're a team of designers, engineers, and PM's who value purposeful, delightful, and beautiful work.

Our products are held to the highest standards in security, privacy, and craft, as we help hundreds of thousands of people around the world communicate and collaborate more freely.

If you're interested in working with us, reach out to

Tell us about your design system

We're a team of systems-oriented designers and engineers committed to building Skiff in a scalable and methodological manner. Everything in our Figma translates 1-to-1 into our open-source React component library! Below is an example of how we determine accent hues and handle theming.

What does your workplace look like?

When you join Skiff, we welcome you into our home. Our employees live all around the world but for those who want to work in person, our base is located in a converted garage in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District.

What benefits does your team offer?

Travel Reimbursements: Skiff provides credits for employees commuting to the office or for remote workers to visit San Francisco.

Health, Dental, and Vision: Get free comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits

Work from home stipend: Work how you want with a company-provided workstation, laptop, and headphones.

Lunch always on us: Creativity is sparked by great conversations and there is no better time for inspiration to strike than over a shared meal

Flexible PTO: Take the time you need when you need it. Our flexible PTO let’s all Skiff employees do their best work always