Mexico City, MX
Done is better than perfect
Move fast, break things
Embrace vulnerability
Ship early and often
Bias towards action

Introduce us to your team

10 years ago we started designing from Latam

Ten years ago we started talking and designing in Mexico and Latin America.

We designed identities, websites, and apps for startups (now unicorns) with which we learned that "shipped is better than perfect".

We have spent these ten years improving our craft - attention to detail, of course - and solving problems for an increasing number of clients.

Along the way, we founded a leading design studio in Mexico that was later acquired by frog design, where we worked with teams from all over the world on digital products.

We founded Shortcut to show that good design can be everywhere and that doing it right doesn't mean going slowly.

Our founder members are:

  • Fabian Luna

  • Jay Lรณpez

  • Omar Tosca

Learn more about us, here.

What design tools do you use day to day?

We love using Figma as our main design tool.

We use Slack for team communication (almost 10 years using it).

We have integrated ChatGPT and Gemini in our stack too.

We are also taking a look at new tools every day.