screen® ux & ui

screen® ux & ui

Zürich, CH
Dream big
Seek the truth
Be hungry stay humble

Introduce us to your team

screen® is a design studio specializing in digital experiences and branding for companies in the blockchain space.

We craft cutting-edge digital solutions that are meaningful and create real value for people and businesses.

We build, develop, and grow digital products and businesses. Our founder is Paolo Stolfo. He started screen® after working over ten years in finance, politics, fashion, and various branding agencies.

Our team includes strategists, developers, designers, and 3D artists. We all share the same vision of an open and decentralized future of the internet.

What is your team mission?

We truly believe in decentralization and giving users back the power. Therefore, we build digital products and services for honest, ambitious companies.

What type of music does your team listen to?