New York City, US
Mission driven
Move fast, break things
Strong opinions loosely held
Meme curation

Introduce us to your team

Tiina Co-founder & product
Ida — Co-founder & CEO
Dane — Founding engineer

We’re independent thinkers with relentless curiosity for examining how different forces across technology and culture are interacting and affecting one another. To us, facilitating the cross-pollination of ideas and creativity online is a pre-requisite to finding better ways of relating with information and each other.

We're based in NYC, our team is partly remote but looking to build in person down the line.

What is the product you’re building?

Sane is a social tool for discovering, creating, and sharing ideas on a spatial canvas.

We are building an integrated web for ideas — a synthesis of what we think the internet should feel like. A social playground for self-expression, where people are given a medium to show both what they think and how they think.

What are your team rituals?

We like to keep things simple — daily standups are for everyone's updates. We love a great off-site — previous ones include Northern Italy and Finnish Lapland. We value growing together as people as much as we do shipping fast, and discuss vulnerabilities honestly.