Sana Design

Sana Design

Fight for simplicity
Work/life balance
Done is better than perfect
Leave it better than you found it
Decide with feedback, not consensus
Embrace vulnerability

What is your team mission?

Sana's mission is to make quality healthcare accessible, affordable, and understandable.

What values does your team share?

As a small product design team at a fast-growing startup, we have some guiding principles to follow that help us make better decisions more efficiently.

  • Less, But Better
    Be ruthless with intention and simplicity. If everything screams, nothing is heard.

  • Delivery Over Perfection
    No impact is realized until our work is in the hands of our users. We ship when something feels ready – not when it is perfect.

  • Data-Informed, Not Data-Driven
    Data helps us decide but cannot dictate the decisions we make on our user’s behalf.

  • Impact Over Form
    We must judge the value of our work based on its impact to the society and systems we are part of, rather than any aesthetic considerations.

  • Protect The Brand
    Every decision we make must support the Sana mission and the experience we promise members. Compromises have consequences.

What problem are you solving?

Our health system is broken, and it’s a huge problem. Costs are rising out of control while the patient experience gets worse. At Sana, we're passionate about fixing this problem by bringing accessible and affordable health plans to small and medium businesses. We have built our company in a way that allows us to align incentives between the patient, provider, and payer perspectives.

Founded in 2017, we are an experienced team of engineers, designers and health system operators. We've raised over $100 million from Silicon Valley venture firms and innovative reinsurance partners. We are excited about building something new and fixing our broken healthcare system from the inside.

Our team creates solutions for a few different types of users:

  1. Small business employers who offer our health plans to their employees

  2. Employees of small businesses who become Sana members and enroll in one of our medical plans

  3. Health Providers who work with Sana to provide care to our members

  4. Other Sana employees who need access to data and tools to better serve our members and their health providers