San Francisco, USLondon, GB
Bias towards action
Bring good vibes
Done is better than perfect
Be hungry stay humble
Ship early and often
Always be learning

Introduce us to your team

Salsa is a freshly founded, funded and good vibes company using web3 to build the best group chat experience. We’re a small but mighty team of 4 (2 co-founders & 2 engineers) spread across the globe.

What values does your team share?

  • Global: We’re remote-first with team members in: San Francisco, London, Slovenia & Buenos Aires

  • Lean: We’re a small team where everyone takes ownership

  • Practical: Done is better than perfect

  • Kind: We enjoy working together and believe we’re better as a team

  • Independent: We’re self-starters and take ownership

  • Focused: We ❤️ async updates and dislike unnecessary meetings

  • Constant learning: Web3 moves fast and so do we. We iterate quickly and prioritize learning

  • Communication: We openly share ideas, feedback and issues with each other

What are your team rituals?

We're remote first and intentional about using it to our advantage. Our official team KPI is are we having fun working and growing together.

Daily rituals

Every day, we share our work with each other on Notion. This enables us to focus on important topics in our team calls. No 'meetings that could have been an email' allowed.

Weekly rituals

We care about helping each other grow and share feedback weekly. We get together to discuss goals for the company and how they break down to team members.

Rituals without a rhythm

Web3 moves fast. We strive to learn together as a team, enable team members to travel to conferences, read books together and share learnings from the latest apps we tried.

As a global team, we organize in-person retreats to get deep into strategy. We've met up at some pretty cool places so far: Colombia, Austria, London, New York, Austin, Mexico and more!