Introduce us to your team

What is your team mission?

Retool designers are a mix of creative optimists, systems-thinkers, and tinkerers across product and brand that work together to solve some of the trickiest problems in software. Instead of designing just one product, Retool designers effectively design unique software products for thousands of companies across many different verticals.

This also presents a unique design challenge. Because it’s possible to build nearly anything in Retool, we don’t have absolute control over how our users experience the product and are constantly seeking the right balance between convention and configuration, between technical expressiveness and conceptual simplicity.

We’re still a relatively small team, so there’s plenty of room to grow and your opportunity for impact is huge. We’re looking for highly-motivated, collaborative designers to join us as we build a world-class team to rethink the way the world builds software.


Our design team principles

🌉 Build bridges not tunnels

▶️ Make forward

🤓 Think like a developer

⚒️ Give the gift of craft

🥸 Abstract but don’t obscure

What does your workplace look like?

We have offices in San Francisco in the Mission and New York in Flatiron. Here's a few photos of our San Francisco office: