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Show, don’t tell
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Challenging the status-quo
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Introduce us to your team

We're fighting the financial world status quo.

There is a simple idea behind Republic — provide everyday people access to the same investment opportunities as the “rich guys”, while also helping more founders get their businesses funded.

We started with startups — the hottest and also the least accessible sector — and over the past 6 years expanded into crypto, real estate, video games, music, art and more.

We’ve achieved a ton (1M+ users, reached $1B valuation, acquired 4 competitors, expanded overseas, grown from 3 to 250 people) and… we’ve stretched the limits of our design capacity and ability. It’s time to change in order to grow. That’s why we need you ✨.

What design tools do you use day to day?

Figma, Figma, Figma, Linear, Notion, Loom and then some.

What advice would you give to people who want to join your team?

Show, don't tell.