Onsite or remote
Atlanta, US
Challenging the status-quo
Move fast, break things
Strong opinions loosely held
Killer emoji game
Fight for simplicity

What advice would you give to people who want to join your team?

Fail fast. Learn often. Listen more. Think deeper. Grow together. Be passionate about your work, but be passionate about something else too. Bring a unique perspective to Raster. Have ownership in your work. Be proud of what you've built.

Ship every day.

What problem are you solving?

Marketing and creative teams work together. Creative teams are inspired by the tools they use. When working with images, nearly all the tools out there suck and are soul-crushing.

Raster is a beautiful evolution of legacy DAM systems, rethinking a place where a team's images are kept, organized, worked on, and hosted in one place rather than sent around emails, photo editing apps, and miscellaneous CDNs.

Should designers code?

Absolutely. Design is the future of development, and development is the future of design. We predict design will influence everything we build as humans, and that's one of the reasons Raster exists.