Rally Space, Inc

Rally Space, Inc

Boston, US
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Open roles

What is your team mission?

Rally is a brand-new company, building storytelling tools for teams.

Over the past few years, teams have gotten used to working apart. The office is no longer the center of gravity for work. Slideshow presentations and meeting recordings aren’t ideal solutions for teams outside the office – do you feel engaged? Does your audience?

Rally is working on tools to help distributed teams stop relying on in-person, office-first communication strategies – and get better at async.

We believe stories can rally teams – so let’s empower some storytellers.

Introduce us to your team

We’re a small team, but this isn’t our first rodeo – you’ll join a founding team of the CEO (prev founder, CEO of Robin Powered) and two full-stack engineers (prev Robin, Brightcove).

We’re building a diverse team of craftspeople that compound off each other. Rally is a new product — which means we get to pick our lego bricks and build the right way.

We’re funded, fired up, and hiring a core team to bring the product to market. That’s where you come in.