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Interface Engineer

At Procreate we're dedicated to making exceptional creative tools by combining beautiful user experiences with high performance engineering. Used by millions around the globe, Procreate is committed to placing more power in the hands of creatives.

We’re looking for Interface Engineers to join our team in Hobart, Tasmania. You’ll join our product team and build and maintain next generation Procreate products and features.

The role

You’ll be a design-minded engineer with an intuitive understanding for creating seamless user interfaces and delightful digital interactions.

This role sits within the Product team and reports directly to the CTO, Michael Shaw. You’ll collaborate with engineers, the product care department and members of the executive.

You’ll work closely with our designers to bring form to prototypes and continually iterate to solve user experience problems.

What you'll do.

  • Shape new technology and new experiences. You'll work closely with designers to turn prototypes into shippable product. The work you do will uphold our exacting standards for usability and functionality. You’ll develop and maintain software, find and fix bugs, implement ongoing updates and publish product to the App store.

  • Creating custom controls, aesthetically pleasing layouts and seamless animations. At Procreate, a product is never really finished. We aim to continually improve, refine and push technological boundaries. Along with our designers, you’ll strike a balance between adhering to our design principles and creating innovative and unique experiences for our users.

  • Solving complex and unique technical problems. We consider our engineers to be creatives. As a Procreate engineer, you’ll have the chance to think outside the box to create custom and unique software solutions. In your process and implementation, you’ll demonstrate an ability to depart from the specifics of a brief or the parameters of a particular method to fully flesh out an idea or concept.

  • Protect quality, ensure performance and show care for our users. Everything we do is designed to delight and empower our users. In your work you’ll prioritise performance and quality with the end goal of producing software which delivers at the apex of functionality and aesthetics.


We’re looking for someone who is passionate about their craft. If you don’t see yourself in everything on this list don’t worry, even if you match just a few we’d still love to hear from you.

  • Identify emerging technology and trends to improve development efficiency.

  • Experience in dynamic and fast-paced start-ups/scale-ups.

  • Good working knowledge of third-party libraries and APIS and the full mobile SDLC.

  • Familiarity with Apple’s design language and their Human Interface Guidelines (HIG).

  • Understanding of iOS frameworks including Core Animation, Core Image and Core Data.

  • Deep experience with Swift, Objective-C, iOS, UIKit and touch/gesture technology.

  • Cross platform or Android experience is a bonus and will give you adaptability in your approach to problem solving.

What success looks like

Getting started.

  • Complete our onboarding process and become familiar with your colleagues and our workplace culture and tech stack.

  • Familiarise and become comfortable with our engineering environment.

Once you're settled in.

  • Understand and familiarise with our code base and development processes.

Now you're flying.

  • Work with senior members of the engineering department to build new features, deliver updates, maintain code quality and ship product.

Who we are

One of the driving factors behind Procreate’s success is our close-knit teamwork. We believe the key to invention is the open flow of ideas and collaboration — revelling in the creative process and taking the time to hone our craft. Together we’re dedicated to building creative software that is powerful, accessible, and intuitive. We’re not afraid to rethink, iterate and persist until we genuinely believe in our work.

At Procreate we’re a rare breed of driven people from all over the world. Each of us brings something special to the table, through our unique backgrounds and experience. Every day we inspire each other to continue our relentless pursuit, passion, and hunger to produce the highest quality work, while remaining humble in our achievements.

Co-founded by James and Alanna Cuda in 2011, Procreate has remained independent and self-funded for over 10 years. Since its launch, Procreate has been loved by millions around the world, received two coveted Apple Design Awards, and been the best-selling app on iPad for the past six years running. In 2018, Procreate Pocket also received an iPhone app of the year award.

Role benefits

We invest in you.

Every employee at Procreate receives an individual training budget to help them grow personally and professionally. And because transparency matters, the whole company is included in the coming year’s plans and strategies at our annual off-site company meet.

Time to reset, recharge and look after yourself.

Australia already has some of the most generous annual leave provisions in the world at a mandated 4 weeks per year. We also offer you extended parental leave, an extra 5 Mental Health Days per year, plus an Employee Assistance Program open to you and your family members.

Everything you need to do your best work.

We’ll provide you with all the hardware and software you need, including a fully adjustable desk set up for your way of working. But it’s the personalised professional support, and growth and development opportunities we think will really help you fly.

We want to hear from you!

Our recruitment process is made to provide you with opportunities for you to show us what you're capable of, instead of assessing you solely on your CV. Regardless of whether you meet all requirements or experience listed, we’d love to hear about how you see yourself contributing to Procreate in this role.

Please note, we do not operate remote or hybrid models. We're looking for full-time and on-site employees for our Hobart office.

Apply now to be considered for the role!