Focus on impact
Delight customers
Treat people right
Great team off-sites
Mission driven

Introduce us to your team

At Playground, we make it easy to create or edit graphics like a pro without being one.

Over the next 10 years we plan to build a Large Vision Model that can exceed current human capability. It should accomplish challenging tasks ranging from instructing an AI to make subtle changes to images, accelerating a manufacturing process, and assisting with autonomy of robots. We plan to start by accomplishing difficult tasks with images first.

Our mission is to push the boundaries of what computers can do with vision.

You can read more about our plan here.

If you join us, you’ll be an early team member in helping shape:

  1. Our future company culture

  2. Our engineering practices

  3. People that we hire

  4. The direction & focus of our products

What values does your team share?

Our cultural values are...

An abridged version

  • Making users happy: our decisions, intention, results, and motivation stem from trying to please our users.

  • Asynchronous communication: deep work requires large chunks of time so we try to communicate asynchronously to provide more time for deep work.

  • Results driven: We do what we promised each other, customers, users, and investors. While effort is recognized, it’s not regarded equally. We care about what you achieve.

  • Kindness: While being kind may not seem ruthlessly connected to outcomes, it does make work a lot more fun. We suspect that’s key to doing great work over a long period of time.

  • Speed: We believe speed is a competitive advantage as a company. As companies get larger, they tend to get slower—we hope to decelerate that as much as possible. You should feel comfortable asking: “Could we do this faster?”