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New York City, US
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Full time, onsite or remote
Full time, onsite or remote

Introduce us to your team

Staff iOS Engineer

We believe that small, elite, autonomous teams are capable of building extraordinary products when aligned on a common goal. Every person on our team is responsible for doing one thing, we avoid time-sinking activities (like meetings) at all costs, and everyone ships product. Above all, we're laser-focused on working together to build products that we love using every single day.

What is your team mission?

Perdiem's mission is to advance the world's transition to a fully open economy.

What is the product you’re building?

Perdiem is the best way to share your transactions.

What problem are you solving?

Traditionally, we've been led to believe that talking about money is taboo. Why? Over the past 20 years, we've grown accustomed to sharing everything else: tweets of our deepest thoughts, photos and videos of our lives, profiles of our dating preferences, and so much more. And yet, conversations about how we spend money still happen in hushed tones, hidden in the shadows of the internet.

We're here to change that. We believe that sharing and discovering how people spend money is not only interesting, but is a critical component of advancing a more open, transparent, and fair economy. Am I spending too much on rent? Where does everyone else normally go out to eat on a Friday night? How often do other people buy new shoes? These are all questions that are really hard to answer, because there's no good way for people to share how they spend money today. By creating a secure, easy, and fun way for individuals to share their daily transactions, we can build a new standard for money that helps people better understand the best ways to spend.

We're super excited about building out this vision, and we hope you'll join us.

What does your stack look like?

We build our flagship app for iOS 📱 using domain-specific languages and frameworks such as:

  • Swift: UIKit + SwiftUI, Combine, Async await

  • Typescript: Hono, Zod

  • Postgres, GCP, Railway