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San Francisco, US
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Challenging the status-quo
Show, don’t tell

Introduce us to your team

The browser is a canvas for your imagination. The canvas's of today are the tools we use day in day out, like Figma, Notion, and VSCode.

While we love these tools, they're often slow and rip us out of our flow state.

At Palette, we want to make these apps buttery smooth. We build devtools to help devs understand why the end user experience was slow, down to the line of code.

At Palette, we love devtools and the web. If you do too, let's chat!

What are your team rituals?

We're making web apps buttery smooth

What values does your team share?

  • Empathy. Don’t build anything you don’t use yourself.

  • Focus. Building a few things, really well.

  • Craftsmanship. Ship nothing but your best work.