Onsite or remote
Amsterdam, NLÅlesund, NO
Focus on impact
Dream big

Introduce us to your team

noko is a computational design studio based in Amsterdam, focusing on language & culture.

Full-service one-person-band, run by Simon, pulling in resources where necessary.

Services include:

  • Digital design

  • Identity design

  • Brand strategy

  • Frontend development

  • Computational design

  • Graphic design

  • Research partner

Some cool—internal and external— recent projects include sweaters…

Computational poster for Naive Set…

A site in four themes/teams for House Captain…

Identity, web, merch and socials for Bygdepride, like these in 2024…

Or these in 2023 and 2022…

And a website for sustainable daily goods, Sunrise…

What is your team mission?

noko is driven by…

  1. Ideologically: putting an emphasis on language and culture as integral parts of design that are (too!) often overlooked.

  2. Practically: working with people and projects that contribute to #1.

What problem are you solving?

The design & tech industry is mostly completely ignorant of its impact on language and culture, and has been for too long. noko is a response to this.

noko is Norwegian and literally means something. It's the smallest piece of thought you can take, and use to build something. Piece by piece, noko puts these together with a focus on language and culture.

Does your team contribute to any open source projects?

Open-source is the way to go.

noko puts the code of tooling and projects on Github for everyone to see and contribute to.

Perhaps most excitingly, Code of Design is about creating a de-facto code of ethics for creatives, and it needs your contributions too.