Mouthwash Studio
Onsite or remote
Abraham Campillo
Ben Mingo
Los Angeles or remote

Must work within US timezones



MW.S is looking for an experienced Strategist with strong analytical, researching, and foresight capabilities to become an integral part of our team.

The role would include but is not limited to, work regarding brand strategy, data-driven trend forecasting, analytical research, consumer behavior, brand and cultural theory, and focused research surrounding specific and often-times varying subject matters.


  • The Strategist will be expected to work with every team across the studio — Strategy, Design, Direction, Motion, and Operations — and as such, is expected to be able to adapt communication styles to best suit the needs of the recipient.

  • Working towards making it easy for MW.S clients to make decisions about their future. First, by turning data about consumer behavior into information, so that it’s easily consumable. Secondly, to alleviate decision paralysis that clients are faced with by clearly displaying the practical benefits and drawbacks of creative opportunities placed in front of them.

  • All members of MW.S are innately creative, optimistic, passionate, and possess a desire to constantly improve. As a Strategist, in addition to the attributes above, you are expected to maintain creative flexibility, adapting and molding to varying situations to arrive at the best possible solution.

  • Ultimately, Strategists at MW.S are tasked with solving complex problems that don’t have obvious or immediate answers, which unlocks the work and potential of other team members.


  • A creative philosophy, vision, and approach that aligns with that of MW.S

  • 3+ Years of experience at a design studio, agency, or in-house brand team (While specific role experience is not what we’re prioritizing, we would assume individuals with the right experience have held positions such as Brand Strategist, Creative Strategist, Content Strategist, Forecaster, Futurist, or Researcher).

  • The ability to lead the development of a client-facing creative presentation

  • The ability to connect loose dots and turn data into information

  • The ability to conduct surveys & design and lead stakeholder interviews when necessary

  • A researcher by default, is constantly consuming new information through web articles, PDFs, YouTube videos, etc

  • Passionate and excited by art history, brand theory, cultural tendencies, consumer behavior, and Internet discourse

  • Able to connect research in a meaningful way, guiding teams to clear objectives and tangible goals

  • Naturally thinks ahead and predicts the needs of others

  • Able to provide direction, guidance, and constructive feedback to team members

  • Desire to make work that is culturally relevant, thought-provoking, and slightly playful


  • The ability to design presentations using Keynote or Figma

  • The ability to quickly reference creative examples within the world that are relevant to the problems we are working to solve

Remote Available

3 Month Full-Time Contract