Onsite or remote
Atlanta, USAlpharetta, US
Elevate one another
Embrace challenges
Challenging the status-quo
Killer emoji game
Strong opinions loosely held

What problem are you solving?

Monogram exists to make the web faster, more beautiful, and usable. Together with partners like Vercel, Monogram builds high-quality websites and web applications using composable architecture. These websites outperform legacy websites, indirectly and directly improving SEO, ROI, and brand strength.

What design tools do you use day to day?

We use pen and paper, glass and dry-erase markers, iPad Pros, and then eventually all assimilate into a thoroughly buzzing Figma team.

What does your stack look like?

Whether you call it Composable, Jamstack, MACH, or something else, it's all the same idea — a modular tech is the best tech stack for the web.

We use Headless CMSs like Prismic, DatoCMS, Contentful, Sanity, Hygraph and more. We pair them with robust front-end frameworks like Next.js, SvelteKit, or Astro.

We then deploy them to Vercel. :chefs_kiss: