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Check your ego
Be pragmatic
Meme curation
Always be learning
Fight for simplicity

Introduce us to your team

We're a cadre of designers with a healthy mix of backgrounds; some of used to design boardgames and toys, others got started doing mixtape covers for blog-era rappers. Our different backgrounds give us a unique approach to problem solving which we use to bring new ideas and products to market, and make folks lives a bit easier along the way. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

Matt Rossi
Chapman Bettis
Linzi Clary

What are your team rituals?

Being a small team has its advantages. We can keep our process malleable and our dogmatic traditions a low which makes shipping impactful work fast –agile, even– and efficient

That being said, we still like a punch of process to structure our weeks. We start our weeks with the design team warmup, we each give a weekend update and call our shots for the work-week to come. Next up theres the Critique/Show n' Tell meeting on Thursday where we can reassemble to look over whatever we are working on in our individual projects and get feedback, we sometimes use the session to jam on some internal projects as a team. Finally we have the cooldown on Fridays, a quick and casual afternoon debrief and we share our weekend plans. We sprinkle in ad-hoc sessions to bounce ideas around with smaller slices of the team as needed, and our private team slack channel is always streaming with industry commentary and memes (mostly memes).

What does your workplace look like?

We are a hybrid company with two outpost offices located in Providence, RI and Boulder, CO. We think they are pretty sweet, check it out:

How does your team work with product and engineering?

The design department at MojoTech is small but potent. We are typically embedded with one team for several months at a time so that we can maximize our focus and impact instead of diluting our bandwidth across multiple clients.

These teams normally consist of one designer, one product manager, a range of engineers, and a product owner (from the client side). We don't believe in "throwing things over the fence" to other members of the team which is why communication is such a crucial skill to have for us. We work hand in hand with the product managers and product owners to identify and deeply understand the business needs while driving research and user experience initiatives. We also are also there to quarterback the implementation of our designed solutions to ensure that they are handled with care and make it to the users as prescribed.

This all happens with constant and frank communication with our team members. We let the user and business needs drive our work, never our egos.