Onsite or remote
San Francisco, US

What is your team mission?

What problem are you solving?

Meter provides internet infrastructure for businesses. Our full-stack approach combines hardware, software, and operations so that any company can seamlessly run on a reliable and modern network. We believe that owning the network in a space end-to-end results in a better experience. We design and build our own networking hardware—controllers, switches, and wireless access points. We manage the entire installation of a network (internet service provider procurement and management, network design, low-voltage cabling, IT server room build out). And once the network is up and running, our software allows us to efficiently manage the network.

What values does your team share?

It’s crucial that we hire people who are kind and ambitious. Some antecedents to these qualities include optimism, rigorous thought, curiosity, a proclivity to learn and teach, conscientiousness towards others, and optimizing for the long-term. Additional traits we look for:

Patience, focus and resilience: Meter’s vision for the future of internet infrastructure is bold, ambitious, and a long-term endeavor. Joining a company at our stage of growth isn’t for everyone. Currently, Meter is a collection of small, fast-growing teams. We’re looking for people who are patient, focused, and excited to define our unique approach.

Excellent communication: The ability to clearly convey ideas is paramount to success at Meter. We document most of what we plan and do, so the ability to write effectively and enjoy the writing process is important.

Technical aptitude: The vertical solution Meter provides — cutting across hardware, software and operations — is uniquely complex. We’re particularly keen to speak with candidates who are excited by the challenge, and eager to help us solve tough problems.

Proclivity for learning and teaching: We’re proud of the team we’ve built, and the expertise we collectively bring to our work. That said, our potential for ongoing growth is much greater than our current capabilities. We improve constantly because we enjoy learning from and helping each other.

Tell us about your design system

It's publicly available!

How we think about it:


Building accessible products should be championed by the system with accessibility requirements at the forefront.


Language shouldn’t be a barrier to using our products and the library supports this by being flexible to the needs of the world’s languages.

Viewport agnostic

Regardless of the user’s device or viewport the library will support the required sizing.

API consistency

Across components the APIs for working and manipulating the components are dependable and rational.

Atomic design

Components are structured to be able to utilize a variety of different solutions from low-level properties to complete user flows.

Definitive docs

A component without sufficiently helpful documentation is consider an unfinished project.