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Alfred Wahlforss
Alfred Wahlforss
Max Henningsson
Florian Juengermann

Everyone hates surveys. They’re tedious to fill out and give shallow data. That’s because they’re only a proxy for the real thing: conversations. Through a conversation, you can ask follow-up questions and get deep insights in a way that’s fun for the interviewee. Except you can’t have 1:1 conversations with everyone…

Merlin has built an AI interviewer that can ask follow-up questions, like a conversation, but at the scale and ease of use of a survey.

Technical Challenges

Turn qualitative data into quantitative insights

Merlin clusters free-form conversation into a structured format. This is not a trivial task. We use embeddings, fine-tuned large language models, and more to solve these problems.

Ask the right questions

Having a great conversation is not trivial. We’re fine-tuning and prompting in novel ways to get the right output from LLMs.


We’ve built the fastest speech-to-speech pipeline but there’s a number of challenges we need to address to make it better. Our interviewer has audio input and output to the LLM and that’s tricky to get right.


There’s been $30B+ of market cap created from bringing surveys online. Our partner at Sequoia, Bryan Schreier, was the first investor in Qualtrics – the $12B survey company.

About you

  • You love working on products end-to-end without detailed direction

  • You want to work in Next.js, TypeScript, and large language models

  • You are a collaborative builder and like to build systems with other engineers in mind.

  • You are an excellent written and verbal communicator.

  • You know when to seek assistance, and it's typically to discuss tradeoffs.

  • You don't scoff at unglamorous engineering tasks, yaks don't shave themselves.

  • Highly technical

  • Interested in building products end-to-end and owning the user experience

  • Excited about large language models

What we offer

  • $150,000 - $200,000 USD in cash.

  • High equity grant even for an early stage startup.

  • Work in person in our office @ 425 2nd St in San Francisco.

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