Planetary Software Group

Planetary Software Group

Build in public
Always be learning
Challenging the status-quo

What is your team mission?

We want to be transparent with how we are thinking about climate change. From our viewpoint, humanity has fucked up. And yet we are still maintaining the status quote. Why do we do this? Well, that isn't very easy to answer, but we are addressing it through our work by looking at the interstitial space between the last 50+ years of climate research and product creation. This starts with looking at not only greenhouse gases but all emissions generated by human activity, including material choices such as microplastics.

That's all; that's the mini-manifesto for now. Wish us luck; we will need it. And if this sounds crazy to you in a good way, reach out and see how we can work together.

What are the biggest challenges facing your team?

We know that our current team will not be the ones to solve the climate crisis. It's a multi-generation problem, and we need to make sure we are setting them up for success through the work we take on today.

What advice would you give to people who want to join your team?

Think about your dream that can't be completed in your lifetime and make that your life's work.