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Always be learning
Be your authentic self
Check your ego
Create delight
Fight for simplicity

What is your team mission?

Magic's mission is to create a passport for the internet.

We are helping onboard the next billion people to Web3 through secure, accessible, and delightful experiences.

We believe that blockchain technology enables a truly user-centered web, but that brighter future begins with democratizing access and removing barriers to entry.

What values does your team share?


We bring our full selves to work each day, communicate honestly, and celebrate what makes us unique.

Customer Empathy

Everything we do is in service of making life easier, more delightful, and more secure for our customers.


We promote proactive communication and open feedback, solving problems and celebrating wins as a team.

Growth Mindset

We believe in the importance of embracing failure, learning from mistakes, and iterating quickly.


We hold ourselves to a high standard, continuously improving in order to achieve mastery in our given fields.

What problem are you solving?

In short, we're making Web3 onboarding as frictionless as possible.

Decentralized applications face a massive adoption challenge: Any prospective user interested in trying a dApp must first create a wallet. By and large, wallet creation is a gauntlet consisting of dozens of steps, foreign concepts, and technical jargon leaving the average person feeling confused, defeated, or downright bored.

This amounts to a painful user experience and perhaps more importantly, inhibits the growth of the entire Web3 ecosystem.

Magic helps dApps reach the 99.9% of the world who have never interacted with a blockchain. We do this by allowing end-users to create and access wallets with familiar, frictionless login methods like email, SMS, and social login.

We're creating the bridge from Web2 and Web3 with the goal of democratizing access and helping the entire ecosystem flourish.

What is the product you’re building?

Magic is dedicated to providing best-in-class onboarding experiences and authentication services for developers and their end-users.

We have two core products: Magic Auth and Magic Connect.

Magic Auth

Magic Auth is our fully-customizable developer SDK that offers Web3 builders passwordless user authentication paired with decentralized key management.

In other words, when a developer integrates Magic Auth, their users can sign in with traditional methods like email or phone number and generate an associated crypto wallet in the process.

Magic Auth is white-labeled and highly configurable, supporting a wide variety of login methods, development frameworks, blockchain networks, and other customizations. We provide the Lego blocks and let our customers' imaginations run wild.

Magic Connect

Magic Connect is our new flagship crypto wallet, complete with mainstream-friendly login methods, fiat on-ramps, transaction signing, account management, data sharing, and more.

With Magic Connect, we are able to fully own the end-to-end user experience. We strive to be opinionated, challenging existing Web3 paradigms that are impeding widespread adoption.