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Luxury Presence Design

Los Angeles, US
Delight customers
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Create delight
Show, don’t tell
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Introduce us to your team

Luxury Presence is the fastest-growing digital platform for agents, teams, and brokerages. Their award-winning real estate websites, expert marketing solutions, and an AI-powered mobile platform help agents attract more business, work more efficiently, and impress their clients. Since launching in 2016, Luxury Presence has been trusted by over 8,000 real estate professionals, including over 20 Wall Street Journal Top 100 agents.

What values does your team share?

Design is integral to accomplishing our vision.

We believe that access to great design is the edge real estate professionals need to thrive in a digital world. Designers on the team are empowered to make strategic decisions and encouraged to innovate.

Think like an owner.

Our culture is based on ownership and trust. Each team member will have a strong say and ownership over their work.

The breadth and scope of work spans visual design, design systems, and UX.

The work in teams spans from crafting compelling visuals, designing interactions or tackling complex UX flows. We believe in a holistic approach that helps to delight our customers with an immersive experience.

First and foremost, we are looking for the right people and want to foster a culture where we are all producing the best work of our careers — so whether you are a generalist or passionate about a specific aspect of design, we are willing to craft a role within the team that fits your strengths and goals.

We are a global team.

We hire for talent, not for location.

What type of music does your team listen to?

We are a diverse international team with varied musical preferences, but we all share a fondness for energizing music that pumps us up. As a testament to our collective spirit, our team has curated an invigorating playlist that ignites our motivation and gets us ready to tackle any challenge. Feel free to check out our hand-picked selection here:

What is the product you’re building?

How does your team promote personal and career growth?

At our company, we prioritize personal and career growth by providing a supportive environment that fosters continuous improvement and recognizes individual strengths.

We established a career matrix that outlines the different facets and expectations based on role and seniority.