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Dream big
Be your authentic self
Treat people right
Always be learning
Challenging the status-quo

Introduce us to your team

Latapals is a small indie team of queer friends working together to build a friendlier and more enjoyable internet.

What does your stack look like?

For web projects, we use Replit to create our projects and then deploy them to Cloudflare Pages. For documentation projects, we like to use Eleventy (11ty).

Does your team contribute to any open source projects?

Most of our projects happen to be open-source and you can view them on our GitHub page.

How does your team maintain a high bar for quality?

Staying as a small team and taking our time with projects is our method to producing high-quality products.

What advice would you give to people who want to join your team?

Keep in mind that this isn't a job and that we create things because we're passionate about doing so together.