Onsite or remote
Paris, FR
Fight for simplicity
Ship early and often
Be hungry stay humble
Be pragmatic
Create delight
Bring good vibes

Introduce us to your team

  • At Kolet, our mission is to reinvent the telecommunications industry by bringing simplicity, transparency and flexibility to our users

  • Kolet provides reliable and affordable eSIMs with mobile plans for over 185 countries, that can be installed in 5 minutes. Users can manage their plans online, and access stellar in-house customer support anytime

  • Launched end of 2023 by former 4 serial entrepreneurs from unicorns and extensive startup experience:

  • Kolet's first product is very simple: we provide eSIMs for travelers to enjoy connectivity while traveling abroad. No more roaming costs!

  • We just raised a 5m€ seed round with top tier VCs to ignite our rocket

  • We put a huge focus in bringing the most exceptional people into our team

What are your team rituals?

Every Monday, we have a product and design review with all 4 co-founders to review progress and plan the week ahead. We use Slack to publish mockups and prototypes to get asynchronous feedback from the team.

What design tools do you use day to day?

We use the usual tools you're already familiar with:

  • Figma

  • Slack

  • Notion

How do we contact you?

Email us directly on joinus@kolet.com. If you can give us some info about you (Figma file with your portfolio, LinkedIn profile, where you're based, why are you interested in Kolet...) that would be awesome!