Introduce us to your team

We are a Design Team from Berlin and Mexico City. We work on the Product and Brand of an exciting Mexican Fintech.

What are your team rituals?

We mainly have three important Rituals.

First is the Drumbeat. A Drumbeat is a 45min Session that is hosted by every designer that owns a Project. If you are the owner of Project X, you host Project X - Drumbeat every week. In the Drumbeat, you can invite everyone you want, optional or mandatory, and leverage these People in whatever way brings the most value to your Project. You can use it to share your ideas or progress and get Feedback, do a Workshop or run a cocreation Session.

The second is Friday Retro. On Friday afternoon we come together to share our thoughts, and Victories and get inspired by each other. One Person on the Team is hosting and something to inspire the Team. Everyone shares a Gif that describes their mood and we have to guess who's gif it was. And everyone has a slide where we can share our Win of the week.

And Lastly, we have Dinner together once a Month. Nothing special here. Just getting together in a nice place, get food and drinks, and talk about star signs instead of icons.

Share an interesting side project from a team member

Almost everyone on the Team has a side project to stretch their creative muscles. This is only a very short list