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Bias towards action
Measure twice, cut once
Mission driven
Focus on impact
Bring good vibes
Going to lunch together

Introduce us to your team

Join us in building critical infrastructure the world can’t wait for.

Do your best work with talented, courageous and kind teammates. This is an opportunity to be a part of a crucial effort to combat climate change and make a lasting impact on the future of our planet.

What values does your team share?

The World Can’t Wait

Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere is critical. The world can’t wait for the product we’re building. We have to move fast.

Tackling such a momentous challenge isn’t easy. So our team exudes good energy. We’re persistent and resilient. We always ask ‘how can it be done?’ over ‘can it be done?’.

For us, optimism is self-fulfilling.


We prize rigour.

Before jumping into any task, Isometric team first define what the intended outcome is. We gather and analyse available data, make hypotheses about how the outcome might be achieved—then run experiments to complete the loop.

In short, the use of the Scientific Method is hardwired into how an Isometric team member thinks.

Sometimes, that’s so light-touch it’s almost invisible. Other times, we’ll come across as sticklers. But an Isometric team never completes an action ‘just because’.

Good Words

The best communicators usually win. So we’re intentional about our writing. We work to keep it clear, engaging and thorough.

We’re also disciplined about tooling, information architecture and documentation. All three are superpowers when executed well.

We think that frank communication leads to better decision making. We trust each other to be direct and give a lot of context—and we expect a high level of integrity as a result.

How do you ensure diversity on the team?

Our approach to DEI is driven, through openness and compassion, by the real needs of our team.

Our goals are for people to:

  1. come to work, fully as themselves,
  2. speak their minds, even when their opinions are contrary,
  3. feedback with compassion and flexibility to any member of the team.

We meet regularly to share ideas, create plans and learn lessons from things that have happened.


Making the process as meritocratic as possible in terms of assessment, and building in flexibility.

Culture and ways of working

For example, by using pre-reads, clear meeting objectives and agendas to allow people with different styles to participate fully.


Making compensation decisions highly algorithmic and working towards a place where pay is transparent.