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Product Design Lead
Full time
Paid parental leave
Mental health support
Flexible schedules
Competitive salary
Employee equity
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3+ hours overlap with US Eastern Time is ideal.


We’re hiring an experienced product designer and leader to help develop robust processes, mentor designers, and ship world-class software.

🪴 Your qualifications and contributions

You’re a confident and technically skilled product designer:

  • 6–10 years of experience as a Product Designer. Relevant experience in team leadership and product ownership.

  • Experience leading multiple projects end-to-end, from early strategy to final production. Confidence in collaborating with other designers, engineers, and strategists.

  • Outstanding ability to articulate design decisions with best practices in craft, outside research, and your unique perspective.

You’re a careful, kind, and selfless leader:

  • You’ve acted as a mentor for other designers, helping them achieve their individual goals and develop a unique perspective on their craft.

  • You place a keen focus on the wellness and growth of your team. You lead with a sense of humility, are a positive presence in the room, and empower others to lead.

  • You have a proven track record of listening to, coordinating with, and aligning individuals across multiple teams. You know how to mediate conflict with candor and care. Hydro has no middle management; we make decisions democratically.

You’re a well-rounded creative contributor and learner:

  • You are resourceful and flexible and can come up with your own goals while balancing efficiency with work quality and team wellness.

  • You communicate clearly and transparently and collaborate without ego.

  • You are excited to learn new things, question your assumptions, and grow in new areas.

  • You are a systems thinker who creates clarity for others when faced with ambiguous or complex problems.