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Design Engineer
Full time
Employee equity
Competitive salary
Jordan Burgess
Jordan Burgess

Humanloop is helping the coming wave of AI startups build impactful applications on top of large language models. Our tools add capabilities, evaluate performance and align these systems with human feedback to create real world value.

Here's a recent video interview between YC and Raza explaining what we do: <>

We're looking for exceptional engineers that can work at varying levels of the stack (frontend, backend, infra), who are customer obsessed and thoughtful about product (we think you have to be -- our customers are "living in the future" and we're building what's needed).

Our stack is Typescript, Python, GPT-3.


We have an office in Farringdon, Central London which we meet in person two days a week. The rest of the time we are good at remote. You can be remote if you're exceptional, but it helps for ideation, knowledge transfer and fun to be in person.

Interview process

  • 20 minute phone call with a team member discussing background and your goals

  • 45 minute code screen or portfolio review

  • 60 minute product interview

  • Interview loop

Whole thing in a week is the aim. This is an exciting and urgent time in AI space and we move fast.