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Introduce us to your team

Hidden Door is a game technology studio building the first narrative AI — a platform that transforms any work of fiction into an infinite social roleplaying experience, bringing together players, authors and other creators.

We're hiring! <https://www.hiddendoor.co/jobs>
Join the community: <https://discord.gg/hiddendoor>

What are your team rituals?

At Hidden Door we love games, stories, AI, and AI storytelling games! You can always find us chatting in our community and on Slack.

Every Monday we play a game together! Each week we alternate a fun game (for team bonding) and a research game (for learning from the design). Some games are both, of course.

Also, the whole team meets up quarterly IRL, often internationally, for planning and fun. Recently we've been to New Orleans and Lisbon! Expect adventure 🚀

Share an interesting side project from a team member

Our game director is building an indie arcade game called Loose Nozzles with his son.

One of our engineers has a background in urban planning and has led the development of Streetmix.

Our art director works on a variety of personal and consulting projects, including an animation show.

Our CEO, among many many things, advised on data strategy for New York City's COVID response, and literally co-wrote the book on AI Ethics.

And that's just a few examples!