Hearth AI

Hearth AI

New York City, US
Be your authentic self
Elevate one another
Take the path less traveled
Challenging the status-quo
Solidarity, comrade.
Learning from failures

Open roles

Introduce us to your team

We're a team of artists and builders creating next-gen AI for your relationships/network. Think of Hearth as your AI Chief of Staff -- your oracle that understands and acts on your network.

Join us as we build out our founding team 🚀.

What are your team rituals?

We have a lively office in Soho, New York & our calendars are full of NYC x AI events ✨ It's an exciting time to be building Hearth in person 🔥

Share an interesting side project from a team member

Our founder Ashe spent two years designing, building, and later racing a solar-powered car across the Australian outback. Here's her on a race day: