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Diego Segura
Diego Segura
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About our mission

When we think of “social media”, most of us have long since accepted our fate.

  • We're held hostage to the format.

  • Out of control of our own data.

  • Encouraged to stay within the well-kept walled garden.

  • Unable to fully express ourselves.

  • Powerless to the advertising revenue model.

  • Hyperaware of the scrutiny we'll draw for being ourselves.

  • Disconnected from others despite constant sharing.

At Guestbook, we're building a social journal with the audacity to challenge the current social media status quo.

We believe social media can represent us fully and connect us to others, rather than throw us into an endless loop of like-chasing, doom-scrolling, and envy-harboring.

Our mission is not to be a necessary evil social app. Our mission is to love and be loved by all in the Guestbook.

The Role

  1. Be the sense of realism to the design process. You, more than anyone on the team, are intimately aware of the implementation of the pixel-perfect designs you see on Figma. Be realistic and aware of how we'll implement designs to perfection.

  2. Add to what you see. If you think there can be a wonderful animation, scroll effect, or way to surface information to a person on the app, be a part of the design process. Prototype it. Show an example. Implement it. You don't have to ask permission to do your best work.

  3. Execute to perfection. You should take immense pride in seeing app releases go out on TestFlight and in production that look as smooth and slick as anything out there. When people tweet that Guestbook feels sexy, we'll be pointing at you as the person responsible.

You'll be a part of a team of four in total, including yourself. This means you have a great opportunity to capture early-stage equity and form a culture that you will love to work in for the next five years.