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Introduce us to your team

We're a global team of 7 Product Designers and a UX Researcher. We are 8 spread across Hong Kong, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Spain, San Francisco, the Netherlands and the UK.

We help make work and study more efficient and enjoyable.

What are your team rituals?

We try to meet at least 2 x weekly. The majority of us work remotely, and it’s a great chance to bounce ideas around, catch up on projects, discuss things outside of work and have fun.

Design Review

Weekly on Wednesday with everyone in design and leadership, to review specific UI and UX directions and final screens.

Designer Aligner

A weekly, hour-long hang out where we typically don’t (usually) talk about work.

Previously, Chelsea taught us an Introduction to Calligraphy inside GoodNotes. Leo guided us to make a Cantonese soup. And in our kitchens, Kim led us in cocktail-making.

We’ve played and compared our illustrating abilities… But also watched Teletubbies and heard one speaking Cantonese. And we tried to name every country in the world (all 196) within 15 minutes. We got 157!

Design Retro

Once per cycle (6 weeks) as a function we’ll talk about what to start, stop, and continue. It’s typically in FigJam.

What design tools do you use day to day?

Figma, UserInterviews, Dovetail, Reduct, Lookback, Typeform, Slack.

We sometimes bring in a different tool for a specific task but this top line are our day in, day out.