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Adam Liska
Adam Liska

😇 About Us

At Glyphic we’re passionate about making revenue teams superhuman. We are intimately familiar with recent transformational changes in Generative AI and large language models and now we think it’s the right time for these advances to power a new generation of AI copilot tools.

At the end of last year, we secured a substantial pre-seed funding round from top-tier investors. This gives us a lot of runway to work with.

We already started working with early users and are looking for a rockstar Product Designer to join us and make a huge impact on the team and product.

💼 Role

You will be working closely with a nimble team of ML experts and product engineers as well as sales enthusiasts to build an amazing product that will help sales teams around the world achieve more, faster, and better.

It’s early days so each team member brings an enormous amount of impact and ability to steer the product in the right direction. As a Product Designer, we would love to see you bring the most impact in the following areas:

  • Discovering and designing for novel use cases. We are thinking, before anything else, of use cases enabled for the first-time ChatGPT-like models. We believe the solutions we put forward should be seamless and almost transparent.

  • Talking to users and prioritizing their feedback. We stay close to our users to ensure we build for and with them.

  • Building and shipping. You will lead the design and collaborate with the team on development of end-to-end product features, from ideation to launch. You’ll conduct user research and testing to inform design decisions, with the help of wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs in Figma. You’ll work with the team and other stakeholders to ensure design solutions meet business needs and technical requirements. You’ll iterate on design solutions based on user feedback and market research.

  • Making our brand stand out. You’ll lead the development of our design system and design guidelines. You’ll design or contribute various deliverables such as landing pages, sales deck, or the occasional LinkedIn post to brag about a new feature. You might collaborate with and manage relationships with external agencies and freelancers to reach certain goals faster.

✨ What makes you a great fit

  • 🙋 You have prior experience with early stage products. Startups are loads of fun, but they can be unpredictable. We hope you are someone who can thrive in this environment, keeping in mind we all support each other and no conversations are left unaddressed.

  • 🙋 You love SaaS, tools, complex tech and organizational systems. It’s our bread and butter—you bring the (design) jam!

  • 🙋 You follow recent advances in AI and are a maker.

  • 🙋 You don’t shy away from occasional non-strictly-related Product Design work. User research, putting together marketing materials, HTML coding, giving your feedback and collaborating on sales pitches, you name it!

❗️What won’t make you a great fit

We believe in kindness, so we want to be upfront about what to expect.

  • 🙅 You expect a pure Product Design role, UI or UX otherwise. As mentioned above, there are several diverse challenges we’d like you to take on, and many of them are not framed yet for you to simply pick up and run with them to a beautiful deliverable.

  • 🙅 You expect a traditional tech team set up. We don’t have squads, our skillsets overlap by choice, and we all are in the business of learning daily from each other and our early users.

  • 🙅 You expect to be managing a design team. Truth be told—it won’t happen for a while. We are laser-focused on building from here to the next 12–18 months. However, do let us know if that’s something you’d like to take on eventually. We expect to grow top-notch experts and leaders on this journey.

✅ Why join Glyphic?

  • We are a nimble team that values kindness, curiosity, and playfulness. The rest of our values will be defined together!

  • We build based on customer feedback, not impromptu ideas.

  • Our startup is well funded and backed by world-class investors and advisors.

➕ Benefits and setup

  • 💼 We have a hybrid working setup. We’re in the office 3 or more days a week.

  • 💰 We offer competitive salary and generous early-joiners’ options.

  • 🏝 25 days of paid time off and flexible public holidays.

  • 💻 Budgets available for both equipment and learning.

If this sounds interesting, apply below and we will get back to you within 2–3 days. Every application gets reviewed by us - Adam and Devang, co-founders at Glyphic.

We look forward to receiving your application!