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Mark Hudson
Mark Hudson
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Jason He
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What is your team mission?

The internet has been mainstream for over 30 years but most human knowledge is still offline. There are still questions that Google and ChatGPT can't answer well. In way too many cases, Google searches return an endless list of crappy content farm blogs that feel totally untrustworthy. And ChatGPT, although great for coding questions or wikipedia facts, isn't ready to answer questions that seek experience-based or subjective information.

For now, we turn to communities like reddit to find the people that are really into any given niche who can give us specific, opinionated, experience-based answers. That said, reddit's own search is really bad, and with over 300,000 communities, its hard to know where to start when seeking info from redditors.

We're building GigaBrain to help people find the most useful nuggets of info from other people. Our first launch makes it way easier to glean info from the billions of discussions on reddit. We'll keep adapting to become the best place to get real info from real people. That means we're open to expanding our search space to other platforms where online discussion is happening, adding new layers of data to our results and your extension experience, and looking to enable people to have 1:1 conversations with the people that can best answer their questions. We're making people rather than website domains the atomic unit of our knowledge ecosystem. And we're super excited to make something useful for you.

How do we contact you?

Hit us up on twitter @the_gigabrain or email us at