Gallery Labs, Inc.

Gallery Labs, Inc.

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Introduce us to your team

Our team is small, mighty, and passionate

  • Benny - dropped out of music school at 19 to join Gallery as employee #1, based in LA

  • Ezra - created a top grossing mobile game app that hit #1 on the Google Play store, sings in a band, based in Pittsburgh

  • Jarrel - painter, art collector, based in LA

  • Terence - coding since 14, streams on Twitch, based in Connecticut

  • Kyt - digital artist, animated for adult swim, spent a year on a tour bus, based in NYC

  • Kaito - food connoisseur, exceptional offsite chef, based in Tokyo

  • Robin - viral meme generator, met his fiancé on Snapchat, based in New York

  • Mike - former D1 swimmer, loves chairs, movies, and overnight oats, based in LA

We rented a Malibu beach house at our first offsite. We did beach yoga and barely escaped the escape room.

At the next one, we had Cuban sandwiches in Miami, formed a band, and rented a boat.

What is your team mission?

Our mission is to elevate the world's creativity.

We believe that everyone is creative and has a unique perspective to share — and web3 can help unlock it.

With the advent of the blockchain, we're at a unique moment where people can actually own objects on the internet. This has significant implications for how people create, express themselves, and connect online.

If we succeed, creators will have a new unbounded space to create and share works and consumers and fans now have a new way to express their taste by collecting and sharing the things they love.

By rewriting the way digital content is created, consumed, and distributed, we are creating a fundamental shift from content meant to hold your attention captive to something more authentic, genuine, and creative.

Much more to get into but if this sounds interesting, shoot us a note at and happy to continue the conversation :)

What values does your team share?

Coming from large tech companies, one of the best parts of building Gallery is being able to shape the culture to one what we wish we had.

As the team evolves and grows, things are always shifting but our values have been fairly constant since the beginning. These have been helpful to turn to to keep us grounded and make the right decisions in tough spots.

Some things we we believe in:

  1. Craftsmanship. Taking pride in your work.

  2. Simplicity. Understanding the problem deeply that the solution becomes obvious and invisible

  3. Solve user problems. The only thing we're dogmatic about is building things that are valuable for users.

  4. Creativity. Pushing the boundaries of what's possible and being willing to take risks.

  5. Ownership. We value individual initiative and accountability.

  6. Doing more with less. Constraints breed creativity.

  7. Continuous improvement. Leaving things better than how you found it.

  8. Bias towards action. We prefer to think by doing, rather than simply talking.

  9. Team player. Win as a team, lose as a team. It's more fun to do things together.

  10. Intentionality. Seek clarity behind each decision and acton.

  11. Work hard, rest hard. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Can't run on an empty tank.