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What problem are you solving?

Live Streamers struggle when the stream is over. If they don’t show up online every day, people stop following and platforms slow down their reach. This means that content creators live a very stressful life because they can’t make a living without going at it every day for long excruciating hours.

At Framedrop, we’re using AI to get highlights from the live stream and keep the audience entertained during off-stream periods. Highlights are monetised in an engaging and playful manner, providing financial support for creators 24/7.

Should designers code?

Product Designers (UI/UX) aren't asked to code on Framedrop, but they can give a hand to frontend devs if they enjoy and want to.

Understanding the basics of HTML and CSS is a nice-to-have, especially when it comes to transitions and animations.

How do we contact you?