Forge Studio

Forge Studio
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Elevate one another
Challenging the status-quo
Radical candor
Be kind
Be hungry stay humble
Work/life balance

What is your team mission?

We improve people's relationships with technology and services by partnering with organizations to deliver simple, human experiences through world-class strategy, research, and UI/UX design.

Introduce us to your team

Our founder has worked at top tech companies like Google, Salesforce, Zendesk, Facebook, AWS, Square, and startups of all sizes. All of our senior staff have all worked in-house at top tech companies and startups. We’re different because we bring that experience to your project.

We believe that products and services are tools for empowering people — driven by a desire to make someone’s life a little easier and simpler — and that even the most powerful and complex tools can be friendly and approachable.

What design tools do you use day to day?

  1. Figma

  2. Around for internal collaboration, hanging out, pair designing, and internal meetings

  3. Zoom for client meetings

  4. Tokens Studio

  5. Stark

  6. Notion

  7. Slack

  8. Google Docs

  9. Webflow

  10. Asana

  11. Rippling

How does your team promote personal well-being?

  1. Unlimited PTO

  2. 4-day workweek

  3. Strongly enforce never working late or over the weekend

  4. Closed for week of July 4th

  5. Closed for two weeks for end-of-year break

How does your team stay connected when working remotely?

We love hanging out in Around project rooms while working and pair designing. We also love it for all internal meetings.

We have additional rooms like Design, Humans Supporting Humans, Watercooler, and more.

We use Loom for quick updates and feedback requests.

Figma for all things design and presentations.

Slack for messaging, team communication, and client collaboration.

How does your team contribute to the design community?

In collaboration with our incredible client Webprints, we’re sharing a behind-the-scenes and work-in-progress views and how-to’s as we design a design system and MVP 3D printing community and marketplace. Follow along at #forgewebprints

We kicked up a side project called that creates and sells Webflow websites templates. was given the exclusive opportunity by Webflow to be in the inaugural set of Webflow partners for the launch of Webflow libraries. The Spark library is a fully responsive drag-and-drop components and content sections and is available for free.