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What is your team mission?

At Edvo, we care deeply about helping people think well.  We believe the next revolution in computing will be Personal Intelligence and Intelligence Augmentation — the same way everyone has a personal computer (now multiple personal computers), we have a thesis that everyone will have a personal database that augments them wherever they are, on whichever device they use.

We're building a team of empathetic and thoughtful individuals who care deeply about how we all think, collaborate, and create. Our current digital environments favor passive consumption, not critical thought, yet billions of us are online to learn, create, and understand the world better. We're choosing digital spaces that select for clarity, flow, and creativity.

If our mission and work resonates, please reach out to Shireen at Shireen@edvo.com!

What is the product you’re building?

How often do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you're working across every day?

Are you tired of all your information being scattered?

How many browser tabs do you have open right now?

At Edvo, we care deeply about helping people think well.

We're starting by helping each of us break out of tab hell, and break into digital spaces designed for thinking and flow.

We're creating the next generation tools for interpersonal computing, to help us make better sense of information and transform passive consumption into active thinking.

Similar to how designers have Figma and musicians have visual interfaces to interact intimately with their work, we'd like to give each of us the ability to interact intimately with our thoughts and knowledge.

That means we have to shed some traditional assumptions about UI affordances, and think way outside the box.

We think of the interface as being like a game – where people can construct, navigate, and collaborate in their universes of knowledge, creating and connecting their thought sculptures to achieve understandings

In a nutshell, we believe it's important to break out of expectations of the "traditional" productivity / knowledge management application UI – where everything is rectilinear, transitions between views work a certain narrow way, and relationships are static.

What are your team rituals?

We're a no-frills team. We're lean, a team of seven and fully remote. We maintain core working hours of 9:30AM to 3PM Pacific, when we're all online and available at the same time. We strive to be clear in our communication and our foundation is based on trust and self-agency.

Every day, we get together for:

  • AM Syncs - today's goals, hurdles, asks

  • PM Syncs - today's wins and struggles

  • EOD updates - progress on goals, lessons learned, open questions

Every Monday, we have a team kick-off to review lessons learned, new experiments, and what we're working towards.

Every Friday, we have a team retro to share yays, nays, and how we're feeling as a team.

Our success is based on how intentionally we show up for ourselves and each other every day.

Share an interesting side project from a team member

#1 product on Product Hunt, a prototype we built in 2 days to share our favorite mental models :)